Marucci Cat6 vs. Cat7

Marucci has a new 2017 bat called the Cat 7 CONNECT, adding to the overall "CAT" performance bats.

The 2017 Lineup from Marruci "CAT" BBCOR lineup now includes:

  • Cat 6 
  • Cat 7
  • Cat 7 Connect

2017 Marucci CAT6, CAT7 and CAT7 Connect BBCOR (-3)

 (Click on Bat to view)  CAT7-CONNECT

(Click on Bat to view)  CAT7

(Click on Bat to view)  CAT6

Marucci cat6

Here's a short Q & A from Texas Bat Company.  All bats in stock.

1) Question: What's the difference between the CAT7 Connect and the CAT7?

Answer: The CAT7 Connect is a two-piece hybrid design while the CAT7 is a one-piece alloy design. The CAT7 Connect also features Marucci’s newest innovation, the SDX Connection.

2) Question: What is the SDX Connection? 

Answer:  Marucci’s newest SDX Connection stands for “Shock Dissipating Connection”. The SDX connection is a threaded, mechanical lock connection using selective vibration dissipating materials that isolate the barrel from the handle, providing hitters a smooth, solid feeling at contact.

3) Question: Is the CAT7 Connect more end-loaded than the CAT7?

Answer: The CAT7 Connect features a power-balanced barrel with a higher M.O.I, creating a heavier-feeling barrel than the lower M.O.I. precision-balanced barrel of the CAT7. The CAT7 Connect is designed this way to provide players effortless power.

4) Question:  Are there any rings or governors inside the CAT7 Connect?

Answer:  No, the CAT7 Connect features a ring-free barrel design creating no “dead spots” and increasing performance.

...And lastly......The CAT7 Connect is available in -3 BBCOR only.

5) Question: Is the CAT6 going away?

Answer: NO.  The CAT6 remains such a popular bat, that it not only is it included in the 2017 Marucci lineup, but it's discounted to $199.99!  

Grab one Today, and feel the "CONNECTION"  and get the power of Marucci with any of the 3 BBCOR Bats!  Choose which is right for you.

  • Marucci Cat7
  • Marucci Cat7 Connect
  • Marucci Cat6

All Bats are In-Stock and ready to ship now.  Free Shipping, Full 1 Year Manufacturer warranty from Texas' premier bat

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  • Ken Hartman
Comments 3
  • Ken

    The biggest difference is in the barrel size. The cat 7 has “longer” barrel, creating a bigger sweet spot. The Cat 7 has also has an upgraded end cap, giving a slightly lighter feel. Both are very balanced bats. Price difference is $50 from the CAT6 to the CAT7.

  • Mike Morales
    Mike Morales

    What is the difference in the cat 6 and cat 7? Which bat would you consider to be better ?

  • Brady Matthews
    Brady Matthews

    What is the difference between the Cat 7 and the Cat 6?

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