The New 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta-Prime BBCOR Bat


The Meta Prime BBCOR vs. the Prime 919 BBCOR.  

Louisville Slugger recently introduced the most expensive baseball bat ever sold at retail. The new 2019 Louisville Slugger Meta Prime is here!  They should have called it the "Monster", as everything about this bat is monstrous! 

Both the Prime 919 BBCOR and the Meta Prime BBCOR bats are just killing the ball!! Coming off of the success of the 2018 Prime 918, you wouldn't think there would be much to improve upon.  It's more of a difference than improvement.  Both are great!

So, what is the difference between the Prime and Meta Prime?


The Meta Prime has a stiffer feel than the Prime 919 BBCOR. Although this tends to be a player preference in how the bat feels in the hands, a slight difference could be felt.  


Maybe the biggest difference lies here.  The Meta Prime is louder than the 2019 Prime BBCOR, with the sound of a METAL bat, rather than the traditional sound of composite bats.  At first, it's hard to tell that it is actually a composite bat! 


The Meta Prime is slightly more balanced. 


The Meta Prime has a slightly larger barrel profile, meaning the widest part of the barrel extends further down the bat.  Coming from a drop (-5) bat, it has a similar feel when looking down the barrel.


We don't think you could go wrong with either bat.  They both are some of the finest BBCOR bats you can buy. At these price points, you should expect no vibration or sting in your hands.  They both deliver.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference, but if you're going to spend the extra 50 bucks, you won't regret it.

Check them out at Texas Bat Company -

Prime 919

Meta Prime



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  • Ken Hartman
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  • Ed Laidley
    Ed Laidley

    Looking for a 2019 Louisville Slugger -3 BB Corr 33", but am finding out that everyone has sold out of them because they have been discontinued. Can you advise me of any company that may have any left by chance?

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