2017 Marucci CAT 7 Connect (-5)

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Marucci CAT 7 Connect (-5)

Marucci has done it again!  They've added yet another bat considered as one of the hottest in the game.  Step right up CAT7...come join the CAT6! 

Check out the powerful, all-new CAT7 Connect, a two-piece hybrid BBCOR with a power-balanced, AZ4X alloy barrel.  This bat is built to provide the weight and balance combo heavy hitters crave. Dismiss the vibrations at contact with the SDX connection technology. There's POP right out of the box!


 New AZ4X Alloy Barrel - Higher strength and an increased response rate

 Optimized Barrel Design - creates a sweet spot twice as large as the CAT6

Two-piece Hybrid Construction- Features a carbon composite handle with AZ4X alloy barrel

SDX: Shock Dissipation Connection Technology - helps eliminate vibrations, and gives a smooth and solid feel while making contact

Power-balanced barrel- Gives the perfect combination of weight and balance...resulting in effortless power

• Ring-Free Barrel Technology - Offers greater performance with no “dead spots”

• 2⅝” barrel diameter

• One year warranty included

Now, how bout' a little Q & A....

Question: What's the difference between the CAT7 Connect and the CAT7? Answer: The CAT7 Connect is a two-piece hybrid design while the CAT7 is a one-piece alloy design. The CAT7 Connect also features Marucci’s newest innovation, the SDX Connection.

Question: What is the SDX Connection? Answer:  Marucci’s newest SDX Connection stands for “Shock Dissipating Connection”. The SDX connection is a threaded, mechanical lock connection using selective vibration dissipating materials that isolate the barrel from the handle, providing hitters a smooth, solid feeling at contact.

Question: Is the CAT7 Connect more end-loaded than the CAT7? Answer: The CAT7 Connect features a power-balanced barrel with a higher M.O.I, creating a heavier-feeling barrel than the lower M.O.I. precision-balanced barrel of the CAT7. The CAT7 Connect is designed this way to provide players effortless power.

Question:  Are there any rings or governors inside the CAT7 Connect? Answer:  No, the CAT7 Connect features a ring-free barrel design creating no “dead spots” and increasing performance.


Grab one Today, and feel the "CONNECTION"  and get the power of Marucci!

$ 249.00 $ 249.99

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