2017 CF ZEN (BALANCED) (-5)

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2017 CF ZEN (BALANCED)  (-5)

**  2020 CF Zen - IN STOCK  **


DeMarini's new 2017 CF Zen has taken it to a new level.  With an upgraded extra-large barrel, and 22% stronger ParaFlex composite barrel, the new CF Zen is taking off right where the CF8 left off....and that's usually out of the yard! 

One of the reasons why DeMarini has doubled their composite bat sales is that they chose to OPTIMIZE vs. COMPROMISE.  They make bats for players, not markets.  And different players need different products…sometimes, even inside the same style! 


cf zen


The player who swings a 31” Drop -5 bat and the player who swings the 29"  bat are drastically different, so why make their bats the same? 

DeMarini has the ability to change components such as knobs, handles, and end caps so they can offer both players the best product.  Other manufacturers simple cut down the same products to make that 29” bat. 

Some of the new innovations include:

  • PARAFLEX COMPOSITE: This composite has fibers that are 22% stronger than before, which means that we can use it to precisely weight and balance the bats.
  • D-FUSION 2.0 HANDLE: Reduces vibration and redirects the energy back into the barrel.
  • 2017 COLORATION: We have now seen the color trends from our Custom Bat Builder. The new 2017 colors reflect the trends from the Custom Bat requests.  BBCOR will have red highlights.  2 ¾” Senior bats will have green.  2 5/8” Senior bats will have blue.  Youth bats will have orange.


Certification 1.15 BPF
Handle Type Composite
Barrel Diameter 2 5/8"
Barrel Material Composite
$ 349.95

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