2017 DeMarini Voodoo One (-10)

Product Description

2017 DeMarini Voodoo One BIG BARREL (-10)

Senior League Big Barrel VOODOO ONE BALANCED:  New for 2017. 

1-Piece Alloy

Now, more players can use the top aluminum bat on the market. DeMarini has taken the end-loaded version that players love and put it into a 1-Piece alloy balanced option.  

We introduce a high performance, 1-piece bat that carries the VooDoo name and its performance standard...all at a great price point of $199.95!

  • X14 alloy allows us to balance an aluminum bat.
  • Loud Ping and more feedback is what players seek from this bat!
  • EACH size is optimized using 75 different variables!

For the hitter who demands increased hand feedback at ball impact, this nasty one-piece is ready to drop bombs.  Made from Demarini X14 Alloy, the Voodoo ONE provides maximum stiffness for a sturdier feel!

In-Stock and Ready to Ship! 

$ 149.95 $ 199.99

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