2018 Wilson A1000 1788 (WTA10RB181788)

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2018 Wilson A1000 1788 (WTA10RB181788)

The new 11.25" A1000™ glove is made with the same innovation that drives Wilson's Pro Stock infield patterns.
The new A1000™ line of Wilson ball gloves has the Pro Stock patterns you see in ballparks everywhere, in a soft, yet sturdy leather that's game-ready right away. A1000™ models are hand-designed patterns continuously improved by the Wilson Baseball team, and optimized for faster break-in so you can make an immediate impact.


  • 11.25"
  • H-Web
  • Black with Grey and Tropical Blue Accents
  • Full Grain Leather shell, laces and lining
$ 116.95 $ 129.95

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