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Catch opponents unaware with the Black Sand. This version of the C271, Louisville Slugger's most popular turning model at the Major League level, features a gloss black finish on the barrel, paired with a natural handle and branding, including a center brand decal subtly outlined in silver. A standard handle, standard barrel and max knob taper, along with a balanced swing weight, allow this model to deliver for both contact and power hitters alike. 
The 2020 MLB Prime lineup is 135 years in the making. Our team has applied its extensive wood bat knowledge to develop a product that, from knob to cup, is unmatched. Each of the 2020 models feature an easy-to-read knob medallion embedded in the knob that indicates the MLB Prime grade of wood, the species and the length, while the bat name and production date is engraved in the surrounding area. These bats also now feature a Craftsman-Style Cup, created specifically to curb breakage and maintain hardness on contact. To give these bats an unparalleled look and feel, the 2020 MLB Prime bats are all coated with our new EXOPRO finish, which creates a beautiful mirror-like appearance and unmatched level of hardness. Seamless Decals on the center, end and back brands blend into the bat almost as intricately as the grain itself. All in all, the 2020 MLB Prime bats are the finest Louisville Slugger bats created in over a century of craftsmanship. 
This is the 2020 MLB Prime lineup. This is Louisville Slugger.
  • Wood: MLB Maple
  • Turning Model: C271L
  • Swing Weight: More Balanced (2)
  • Features EXOPRO finish - twice as hard as previous ExoArmor finish
  • MLB Ink Dot
  • Bone-Rubbed
  • Cupped
  • Color: Hardline (Black Tape) - Natural to Black
  • Seamless Decals


The C271L is a slight variation of the C271, the most popular Louisville Slugger turning model at the Major League level and the base model used to create all medium barrel turning models. The C271L has a standard handle, medium barrel and max knob taper -- but features a larger knob that gives us a slightly heavier swing weight, at a '2' (More Balanced) on the Swing Weight Scale.

This model is made with Maple, which is the species preferred by more than 70 percent of Major League players. Maple bats are known for their surface hardness, unmatched sound and solid feel upon contact. The closed grain structure of the Maple wood lends itself to a more durable surface strength and stiffer feel.

Product SKU(s) WTLWPM27LA2031, WTLWPM27LA2032, WTLWPM27LA2033, WTLWPM27LA2034
Series MLB Prime
Barrel Material Maple
Model Year 2020
Weight Drop Balanced
$ 149.95