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Make Practice More Powerful
EASTON’S® SQUARE IT UP™ TEE is built to withstand the rigors of daily tee work. Fully adjustable with telescoping rods and a heavy-duty design to keep the base stable, this tee will be ready for batting practice whenever you are. EASTON’S® SQUARE IT UP™ TEE is part of the HIT LAB™ COLLECTION, a full line of training aids to help you make practice more powerful.

Tech Talk
• Ultra durable batting tee designed to withstand the rigors of daily tee work

• Telescoping rods adjust for tee height between 23-44 inches

• Heavy-duty 8lb rubber base keeps tee stable during hitting

• Simple twist and lock design connects tee to the base

• Lightweight and durable aluminum / fiberglass rods with heavy duty rubber
connection joints

• Ball holder is flexible, made of thick rubber and hand tightens onto the top of tee

• Weight: 10 LBS

$ 59.99

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