Rawlings System-17 Line Up Card Case w/30 Cards 17LCR

Product Description

Rawlings Baseball Line-Up Card Case (30 cards)

Plastic storage case/clipboard with 30 four-part line-up cards
Baseball or softball.

  • Clipboard holds form on outside of box
  • For baseball or softball
  • System-17 Line-Up Card Case

Rugged black plastic case comes with 30, 4 part system 17 line up cards. Convenient clip holds form on outside of box, and a handy place to keep the cards during games.

Room for a pen or other small items makes this case a great choice for coaches of all levels. Fits easily into a backpack or equipment bag. Sturdy design protects 4 part forms from getting marred or wrinkled.

* Refill Packs - Item 17LU *

$ 9.95

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