Louisville Slugger S345 Fungo Bat - Natural/Black

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Louisville Slugger new ExoArmor Premium Hard Coating turns this Fungo Bat into the most durable Fungo bat on the market, all while gving it a snap of color!

As a coach, you want the ability to hit it all over the park with the pinpoint accuracy your kids want from you  The NEW Louisville Slugger® S345 Maple Fungo Bat delivers just that.  

The premium performance of the new EXOARMOR coating gives you the assurance of a long-lasting, durable Fungo bat.


Superior Quality with Pinpoint Precision:

  • Durable maple wood construction provides optimal weight and surface hardness
  • Built for long-lasting durability and consistent performance
  • Ideal for infield and outfield drills


  • Turning Model: S271
  • Coating : EXO ARMOR Premium Hard Coat
  • Knob: Traditional
  • Inches:  35"
  • Swing Weight: Balanced
  • Material: Maple
  • Barrel/Handle Finish: Black / Natural
$ 69.95

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