Louisville Slugger Series 5 Cather's Set - Intermediate

Product Description

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3-Piece Intermediate Set:  Made from extra-tough, lightweight materials that keep you protected while easily moving with you, Louisville Slugger's Series 5 Catcher's Sets keep catchers of every skill level safely in the game. Whether you are an elite player or play casually, the Series 5 Catcher's Sets will meet your needs in a variety of color combinations.

3-Piece Catcher's Set Features:

- Matte finish
- Moisture wicking chin pad
- NOCSAE approved
- Size 6-3/8" - 7 1/8"

Chest Protector
- Memory foam padding
- Over-the-shoulder harness
- Precision pad design
- Size 14"

Shin Guards
- Anatomically inspired
- Triple-knee design
- Removable knee padding
- Size 14"

$ 179.99

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