Product Description

SIZE:  Youth

Protection That Moves With Your Body
The Mako Chest Protector is designed to accentuate the athleticism a catcher displays throughout a game: Blocking balls, making throws, and popping up after getting down in the dirt. An innovative, asymmetric design moves with you while providing the protection you expect from Easton.

• Asymmetric Design: Optimized for the movements required by a right-handed thrower.
• Ab Wedges: Individual wedges in the midsection expand and contract to reduce awkward bunching.
• 4-Way Stretch Base: Allows for freedom of motion and enhances breathability.

• Shock-Absorbing Foam: Low rebound technology keeps blocked balls closer.

• Removable Shoulder Cap: Velcro attachment is easy to install or remove.

$ 79.00 $ 159.99

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