Marucci RS225 SERIES 12.5" First Base Mitt

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Marucci RS225 SERIES 12.5" First Base Mitt

Combining game-ready feel with Big League-tested web designs, the RS225 Series fielding gloves give youth players the confidence they need to excel in the field.

  • Skillfully and individually handcrafted
  • Soft tumble cowhide shell leather
  • Smaller wrist strap and tighter hand opening
  • Scaled down finger stalls and hand patterns
  • Soft fabric fingerback linings
  • Marucci Player Advisory Board approved web designs
  • Professional USA Tanned lace
  • Two-piece pattern design
  • Double H-Web
  • Added leather reinforcement on back of pocket
  • Available in left and right-hand throw
  • Recommended for youth players


$ 149.99

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