A2000 B212 SUPER SKIN 12" Pitchers mitt

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A2000 B212 SUPER SKIN 12"

Wilson a2000 b212

Gain an edge over the competition with the Wilson A2000 B212 SS. Wilson Advisory Staff members requested a glove like the A2000 B2 with a little extra length. They like the closed 2-piece web for total ball and grip concealment on a 12" glove with a deep enough pocket for grip changes.

The A2000 B212 SS offers unequaled performance and serious durability with a lighter feel thanks to the SuperSkin. Wilson spent decades working with MLB players to refine the A2000 baseball glove so that it outperforms and outlasts all others.

This A2000 SuperSkin baseball glove combines ruggedly durable Pro Stock Leather with a stronger, lighter, and softer man-made material, SuperSkin, to speed up break in, lower your reaction time and repel moisture.

Age Group Adult
Position Infield
Product SKU(s) WTA20LB15B212SS, WTA20RB15B212SS
Glove Series A2000
$ 249.95

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